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Respondo Pro 1 year

Astounding WP Framework Power

Multiple Custom Designs Included

Thousands of Page Layout-Options

Incredibly Massive Shortcode List

Most Complete Theme Options Ever

Create Custom Widget Areas

Parallax Full-Width

Animated Transition Shortcodes

Gallery Grid Shortcodes

Built in Slider Options

Responsive & Retina Ready

Multiple Header Layouts

Multiple Footer Layouts

Outstanding Support with Videos

WooCommerce Theme Control

Search Engine Optimized

Multiple Portfolio Layouts

Multiple Blog Layouts

Control Gravity Form Design

Wunderground Weather Plugin

Shortcodes Theme Forest

Theme Options Theme Forest

General Options

The very start of the Respondo Pro experience, the General options. General options is one of the smaller sections in theme options and serves as your starting point in developing a beautiful, custom masterpiece. You’ll be impressed with the outstanding ease of use and user experience with attention to detail with the Respondo Pro Theme Options.

Add your custom logo or control the option of having a text title. Also control the login page logo, favicon image and Apple Touch logo too. Here you will also have the option to show or hide the “back to top” small circle that allows visitors on a long page to be directed back to the top of the page. With this feature you are able to control the button color as well as the visibility. Add your Google Analytics Code and optional RSS URL.

General Styling Options

Almost every visible element is managed in theme options on Respondo Pro (making it the ultimate Framework theme). The general styling tab will open the window to all of the basic elements.

To start: you’ll control the font face (several options built in), font size, font weight for regular sitewide text, titles, leads etc. Control all the header sizes from H1 through H6. General font colors including: text, titles, link, link titles, link hover, titles hover and sub titles. Show or hide a dotted line (a:focus) around links as they are being clicked, or when a user tabs from link to link. Control featured image hover border color and image glow color. Site background including colors, images and all image repeat options. Control the border around everything on the site (color and pixels).

Here, you’ll also have the power to control how the forms are styled on the site. Control the following: form field border color, border width, field background color, focus glow color, label text color, input text color. And finally, breadcrumbs: background color, text color, link color and link hover color.

General styling is only the start, theme options on Respondo Pro let you get deep into controlling more than you could imagine.

Custom CSS

We’ve made sure that nearly all bases are covered in the Theme Options when it comes to customizations. However, you’re unique and unlike anyone else and have amazing plans for your website, so it’s possible that the vast array of options available doesn’t fit every single one of your needs.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered there too. With the Custom CSS section, you are able to input any CSS you could dream of and it will override all of the Theme Options and Respondo Pro Theme defaults. Anything you can use in a .css file, you can put in the Custom CSS section, including @media queries.

You are unstoppable now. Go create something amazing.

Button Styling Options

One of the sweet spots on Respondo Pro is our use of buttons and shortcodes throughout the website in all instances and all functionality. What’s so great about it? First, you get a bunch of options for outstanding shortcode buttons. Second, you can modify sitewide buttons in theme options. That’s right, modify them in theme options and your styling takes over the site (keeping the consistency you need).

The options selected in this section will override the button styling defaults throughout the site. Override default, primary, danger, warning, success, info, inverse. You’ll control the color of: background, bottom border, text, hover background, hover bottom border, hover text. Create and modify square or rounded corners, border radius, font face, font weight and bottom border option.

Icon Links

Over 200+ choices of scalable font icons, size, url link, alt text (uses Font Awesome). You have access to well over 200 beautiful icons (and not images either – this is important)!

Here, you’ll control your list of icons to be used in other sections of theme options (preheader and footer). Other sections of theme options will call on this section when you want to display a list of icons.

Create two sets here, standard and footer. You’ll control the size of the icon (in pixels) and side spacing. Colors are controlled in other sections of theme options depending on the location and use of the icons.

PreHeader Options

This is where customization gets fun. With the Preheader and Header you control things like fixed or scrolling, where the menu, logo, cart, icons are displayed plus much more. It’s detailed, we’ve thought of almost everything to give you the most control available.

First, select whether you want to how or hide the preheader. You’ll also need to decipher whether you’ll keep the preheader fixed or scrolling (this means you control whether the preheader sticks to the top of the page even when the user is scrolling through the page). Control menu location, icon links, search, logo, WooCommerce cart, font face, font size, text color, links color, links hover color, links active color, background (color, image, background repeat, fixed or scrolling repeat, background positioning), background gradient, gradient colors, hovered link background color, active link background color, bar shadow, shadow spread, shadow size, mobile button colors (button, hover, border, border hover, 3 lines, 3 lines hover, active state of menus (home, hover, active).

In addition to all of that you can either have the search box cover the entire page (as is the default) or slide in position to unhide the search bar (right in the prheader) while pushing over any content next to it. You also have the option to enable WooCommerce search or keep the standard WordPress search capability and return of results. You also may control the color elements of the search box (we thought of everything).

Header Options

With Respondo Pro you can create thousands of layout variations using the header, header menu options and preheader. Most of what you can dream up will be made possible with Respondo Pro!

Here, you’ll have the power to show or hide visibility, fixed or scrolling, menu locations (many options) including the shortcode option (infinitely expandable), logo positioning, search, WooCommerce cart, font face, font size, text color, links color, links hover color, links active color, background (color, image, background repeat, fixed or scrolling repeat, background positioning), background gradient, gradient colors, hovered link background color, active link background color, bar shadow, shadow spread, shadow size, bottom border and color.

It’s easy to use and everything you see is editable. Whoa!

Header Menu Options

The Respondo Pro WordPress Theme is a powerhouse framework and our theme options set it apart from the competition. With the header menu options there are several variations and when combined with other elements in theme options you can create nearly anything you’ll need when developing your site (or sites).

The basic starter options include: Basic Menu, Logo Left, Menu Right – Basic Menu, Logo Right, Menu Left – Basic Button Menu, Logo Left, Menu Right – Basic Button Menu, Logo Right, Menu Left – Plain Text Menu, Logo Left, Menu Right – Plain Text Menu, Logo Right, Menu Left – Full-width Menu, Logo Left-aligned – Full-width Menu, Logo Right-aligned – Full-width Menu, Logo Centered – Full-width Menu, Custom Header via Shortcodes – User-defined Header via Shortcodes. With these you also have the option to control things like padding and margins too, PLUS…

Then once you’ve made your decision you move on to refining it. Control the menu size, preheader option use, display options, text options, shadow styling, alignment, widths, margins, padding, colors image and gradient colors for menu, borders, links, text, hovers, active, icon dividers, font face and size. whew…

Dropdown Menu Options

You know what’s nice? Full control! With Respondo Pro you can also control the dropdown menu options (making them all your own).

Here, you’ll control the box shadows (if you want them or not), border color, style, colors for background, gradient background, hovers for the items, active state of one of the menu items, divider color, link color, link hover color, link active color and font size. Full control on how your dropdown looks in a minute or two. Awesome.

 PreContent Options

Now, precontent isn’t needed unless you want to have it consistent on every page. Here’s what we mean: If you want to go full width and have an amazing parallax feature at the top of the page you can do that easily on a per page basis with our incredible full width / parallax shortcode.

But.. we give you the ability to add precontent and it’s pretty darn cool too. With the precontent option you are able to specify a look to a section below the header on pages you add a precontent shortcode to. Here, in theme options you control the default for how it will look on all pages.

Control visibility, height, colors for text, link, link hover, background options including color, gradient, pattern and how the pattern should display, shadowing and border.

Page Options

In page options you control which pages are set on the site as defaults for things like the homepage and the blog. We’ve made it really easy and added a few extra controls to give you full power over the functionality and display of your pages.

You’ll have the opportunity to select: home, blog, portfolio, 404 and sitemap. Here you’ll also dictate the default sidebars and show or hide: breadcrumbs, titles, subtitles, page header divider.

Landing Page Options

Another outstanding feature with Respondo Pro is the ability to quickly create landing pages. When creating a landing page you’ll select our built in template for landing page. This template will then take on the prompts you set in theme options.

Building landing pages couldn’t be easier.

In theme options you’ll want to set the defaults for your landing page so next time, when you create a landing page all you’ll need to do is create the content on the page and select landing page as the template. Then all of your site defaults you created are instantly applied!

What’s available? Control the visibility of preheader, determine if you want to show or hide the header (we suggest show this) and then control what is visible on it. Control visibility of the logo and positioning, menu, and if applicable (search box, site name, tagline). Also control the visibility of the prefooter and footer (hide if you want).

Blog Page Options

With the blog page options you have control to get the look you want within our proven blog layout. You’ll have control over the modification of the layout (including the sidebar positioning of left or right and full width) and on the widgets theme options you can control if the sidebar is 1/4 or 1/3 (one click).

You’ll have control over what categories are shown on the blog page and items like the displayed metadata: post date, post author, post categories, post comments. Get control of the featured images with the autocrop featured image option. And within theme options you’ll also control the pagination size, style, position and color selections allowing you to customize the design of your blog.

Post Options

As you can see, with Respondo Pro you get massive control. Post options allows you to expand on the functionality and style you’ve been setting up. Here, similar to the blog page layout you’re in control of the layout and sidebar selection, also (hide or show: post title, subtitle, breadcrumbs, featured image, post date, post categories, social share icons). The social icons available to hide or show include: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, pinterest and email.

Also, control the author box options which controls include: hide, include avatar, name, social links, description. You can hide or show related posts, order the author box and related posts and show or hide next and previous post options.

Widget Areas

Want to add a special sidebar to a specific page? It’s now super easy with Respondo Pro! There are several controls in this option area, the first of which is the creation of a new widget area. Here you’ll create the name of your new widget area, after you save your changes a new widget area appears in the widgets section of WordPress. Create as many as you want. Within these widget areas you can add any widget you have available in your widgets section. Amazing!

Something else that helps save you time and expands more possibilities is that each widget area you create is now found throughout the framework. For example: you create a page and want a specific sidebar for your page? Easy, in page options under where you write your content you just select your newly created widget area from a dropdown. This along with selecting a template with a right or left sidebar and you’ve done it. No coding needed.

You’ll also have the ability to alter sidebar positioning to either be fixed or scrolling. This is a super cool feature that you can add sitewide or on a per page basis. If you want a little information in the sidebar to stay with the user as they scroll you can do it with a fixed sidebar. Pretty sweet!

Also control the style of the widget areas with options including: Individual Boxes – A box around each individual widgets. Simple, No Borders – No borders, just a vertical divider between the sidebar and page content. Optional gradient background. Solid Box – A box around the entire sidebar, not individual widgets.

And of course you control the much more including: the colors for the divider, border, gradient, background. Control, text style (font face and font size for titles and titles, text, colors, hovers, actives), control both titles and text with options separately. Boxed widget corner styling, widget title alignment and content alignment (right, center, left).

Portfolio Options

The portfolio does a lot. And guess what? You control it all.

Layout Options Include (Content Left and Sidebar Right, Content Right and Sidebar Left, Full Width Content, 3 Column Left and Sidebar Right, 3 Columns Right and Sidebar Left, 3 Column Full Width, 4 Column Full Width, Image Left and Content Right, Image Right and Content Left, Alternating Content) -the choice is yours.

Show or Hide (subtitle, breadcrumbs, titles, featured image, excerpt, category dropdown list).

Single Portfolio Page Options Include (content left left and sidebar right, content right and sidebar left, full-width content, featured image left and content right, featured image right and content left). Select a sidebar widget area and control if it’s fixed or scrolling, Control Metadata, Related Items Title, Show or Hide Related Items.

WooCommerce Options

The Respondo Pro Framework Theme is built with WooCommerce as the choice for eCommerce. Not only is it available, it’s closely integrated and very, very effective with a boost from Respondo Pro. Respondo Pro was built for specific use with WooCommerce.

The attention to detail throughout the WooCommerce framework was a priority. You now control (via theme options) the greatest WordPress, eCommerce plugin available.

You have control over the sidebar selections for the shop and single products. The styling control covers, (dropdown: border, background, background gradient, hovered background, hovered background gradient, divider, text, link and link hover colors). Other color control options include: pricing text, tabs background, tabs background gradient, tabs border color, tabs hovered background, tabs gradient background, tabs hover border, tabs text, tabs text hover. Social share visibility, hide or show (facebook, twitter, linkedin, pinterest, email) and display or not display “up sell visibility”. Ability to control buttons throughout (dropdown option: add to cart, proceed to checkout, standard buttons).

We’ve also made all of WooCommerce elements and pages to be completely controlled and tied in (stylistically) to the overall theme options color and other specific controls. Your eCommerce store is now a PERFECT integration with Respondo Pro.

Pagination Options

Let’s face it, pagination is a little boring. BUT… you can totally control it with Respondo Pro.

Control the size, alignment, previous/next markers (text, arrows), style (button, plain links), colors (link, hovered page, active page, disabled page, background, border, hovered page, hovered page border, active page, active page border).

Yup, you can even control all of the pagination elements with Respondo Pro.

PreFooter Options

The prefooter options are massive. There are a lot of things you can do with the prefooter on Respondo -just warning you. ;)

First you control the visibility, maybe you don’t even want a big ole’ prefooter, no problem. Check a box and the prefooter will hide for good. In addition to showing or not showing the prefooter you can create some interesting pages by selecting to keep the prefooter fixed, (of course, scrolling is the default).

Here’s where the options start to blossom. Control the columns layout with options including (6 column, 4 column, 3 column, 2 column, 1 column, 2 quarter and 1 half columns, 1 half and 2 quarter columns, 1 third and 2 thirds columns, 2 thirds and 1 third columns). Each of these columns represent the positioning of your widgets, the 6 columns represented have pre built widgets built into the theme. Title font face and size, content font face and size, colors including (title, text, link, link hover, link active, vertical divider, item divider, background, hovered item text, complete background including color, gradient and pattern, bottom border) are all under your control. You can even add shadows, rounded or squared corners, show or hide the top border and more.

What’s amazing is that Respondo Pro lets you create a secondary set of options if you want to have a mobile specific PreFooter. That’s right, if you want a special footer shown on mobile devices you can do it with anything INCLUDING SHORTCODES. Talk about versatility! Options for the mobile specific prefooter include: show or hide all widgets on mobile, if hide then display mobile option including the following options: show specific menu for mobile only, colors including (background, background gradient, border, menu item background, menu item background gradient, hovered menu item background, hovered menu item background gradient, active menu item). With mobile option selected you may also use shortcodes to style a specific PreFooter, you can apply the shortcode in place of the mobile menu, on top or underneath it.

Respondo Pro makes creating unique footers as easy as it gets (with not one drop of code coming from you) -if that’s what you’re into. Don’t worry, if there’s something really specific there’s custom CSS (for the developer types). This theme is made to be the base for all of your projects.

Footer Options

The prefooter is the big footer with lots of customizations and the footer is the little footer that acts kind of like the preheader (in a way). With the footer you still have massive control. A neat method for the prefooter is to make it fixed so it’s always on the bottom of the screen (no matter where the visitor is scrolling), this isn’t the default but it’s as easy as checking a box. Creating a fixed footer is a great way to highlight a special offer or have navigation always available for someone on a desktop computer (or laptop).

As with all theme options, there’s a lot of customization to be had. Show or hide visibility, fixed or scrolling, active and hover states shown or hidden, menu location, allow sub menus on the navigation, add icon links, search, logo, font face, font size, text color, links color, links hover color, links active color, background (color, image, background repeat, fixed or scrolling repeat, background positioning), background gradient, gradient colors, hovered link background color, active link background color, bar shadow, shadow spread, shadow size and bottom border and color. It’s everything, you can control it all.


Feature Overview Theme Forest

  • Impressive, cutting edge design and functionality
  • Full Framework Style Control (Create different layouts and designs every time)
  • No two websites on Respondo Pro are the same!
  • Originally Built with Twitter Bootstrap – Modified and made to not only look and behave great in the latest desktop browsers, but in tablet and smartphone browsers via responsive CSS as well.
  • 100% Responsive Theme Bootstrap’s 12-column responsive grid + Elements
  • 1170 Width Layout + Full Width Shortcode Options with Parallax
  • Multiple Header & Preheader Layouts and Color Options (thousands of variations including fixed and scrolling + Shortcodes!)
  • Multiple Footer & Prefooter Layouts and Color Options (thousands of variations including fixed and scrolling + Shortcodes!)
  • Advanced Theme Options (Framework) Built for exacting customization (see above) *Full Site Control
  • Retina Ready
  • Built with HTML5 and CSS3
  • Includes Extensive Documentation
  • Multiple Video Tutorials for Easy Instruction
  • Child Theme Compatible
  • WooCommerce Integrated All of the standard styling is thoughtfully built and beautifully responsive (better than the standard version). Your theme options styling chocies will even affect the site throughout, all the way down to each and every WooCommerce page.
  • Includes Entire Font Awesome 3.0 icon set, fully integrated
  • Font Awesome Shortcodes -Includes list items and stand alone icon
  • Unlimited Color Options with back-end Color Selector for every visible element
  • Unlimited Backgrounds including colors, gradients, and patterns
  • Advanced Portfolio Options
    • 10 Portfolio Layouts to Choose From
    • Control ALL Color Elements and Styling
    • 10 Category/Archive Layouts to Choose From
    • 5 Content Page Layouts to Choose From
    • Use ALL Shortcodes on Portfolio Item Pages
    • Auto Generated Thumbnails
    • Control Meta Visibility
    • Control other Page Specific Features
    • Sortable/Filterable Categories
  • Custom Page Shortcodes & Page Options
    • 8 Respondo Pro Layouts via Custom Shortcode Options
    • 6 Standard Homepage Layouts via Custom Shortcode Options
    • 2 Standard Service Page Layouts via Custom Shortcode Options
    • 3 Standard Pricing Page Layouts via Custom Shortcode Options
    • Standard Landing page Layout via Custom Shortcode Options (and theme options)
    • 2 Standard About Page Layouts via Custom Shortcode Options
    • 2 Standard Team Page Layouts via Custom Shortcode Options
    • 3 Standard Contact page Layouts via Custom Shortcode Options
    • Customize each and every page easily
    • Landing Page Options – Customize the landing page settings
    • Use Many Pro Premium Respondo Extensions (included)
    • Embed Custom Content including multiple portfolio and blog shortcode layouts
    • Sidebar Left or Right also add fixed or scrolling sidebar (per page)
    • Default Full Width
    • Sitemap
    • Portfolio
    • Blog left, right or full width
    • Side Navigation
    • Hide or Display a Sub Title
    • Show or hide (sitewide or per page) Breadcrumbs, Title, Subtitle, Header Divider)
  • Advanced Blog Options
    • 3 Layouts to choose from; left sidebar, right sidebar, and full width
    • Widget Options Layout Includes (1/4 or 1/3 width layout options)
    • Built in Respondo Blog Slider Pro Extension Select any category and display via shortcode on any page
    • Built in Blog News Feature Shortcode
    • Set Crop or Full Size Featured Image
    • Auto generated thumbnails
    • Easily specify the number of posts per page
    • Pages can have left or right sidebar – Change per post if required
    • Add or remove meta data, date, author, categories, comments
    • Control custom color styles on every element
  • Unlimited Sidebars
    • Use the Default 1/4 Width Sidebar or Check a Box and Get a 1/3 Width Sidebar…. Instantly
    • Create custom sidebar widgets via Theme Options for the various sections on the site
    • Sidebars can be positioned on left or right side
    • Sidebars can be fixed or scrolling (sitewide or per page)
    • Use our custom built shortcode widget in any sidebar
    • Add shortcodes to any widget area sidebar using the Respondo Widget
  • Advanced Typography Options
    • Use Google Fonts, Standard Fonts, or Upload Your Custom Font!
    • All font options are controlled in the theme options panel
    • Set different font sizes for all H1-H6 headings and body text
    • Set different font colors for all H1-H6 headings and body text
  • WordPress Multi-Site Tested & Ready
  • SEO Optimized, Solid SEO structure BUILT IN (compatible with SEO Plugins like Yoast)
  • Includes the Incredible Twitter Bootstrap Shortcodes
    • Shortcodes INCLUDED:
      • Columns
      • Columns in Columns
      • Responsive Hide and Display
      • Single Button Group
      • Separate Dropdown Menus
      • Responsive iFrame
      • Basic Tabs
      • Basic Pills
      • Accordion Stacked Tabs
      • Accordion Stacked Pills
      • Horizontal Divider
      • Highlight
      • Badges
      • Alerts Progress Bar
      • Services
      • Box Content
      • Box Content with Header
      • Buttons
      • Images
      • Insert Icon
      • List Icons
      • Space
      • Testimonial
      • Blog Posts
      • Blog Slider
      • Portfolio
      • PreContent
  • Premium Pro Shortcodes (included)

    • Full Width & Parallax
    • Slider + Blog Slider
    • Animated Transitions
    • Image Gallery & Lightbox
    • Advanced Images
    • Weather (A Respondo Wunderground Plugin with Shortcodes and Widget)
    • Many SHORTCODES have color options to control the color style
    • Control Button Modifications in Theme Options
    • Easily Create Stunning Pages within Minutes using and combining these shortcodes and shortcode sets.
  • Supports Up To Fourth Level Dropdown Menus
  • Threaded Comments
  • Focused on better typography, usability and a perfected user-experience
  • Well Organized, Commented & Clean Code
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility FireFox, Safari, Chrome, IE8, IE9, IE10
  • Fully Tested and Compatible for WordPress 3.7+
  • Fully Tested and Compatible for Gravity Forms 1.7.2+
  • Excellent Customer Support
    • We offer PHENOMENAL support. We care about your site as much as you and will help in anyway possible
    • Once you purchase, you can use our dedicated support forum where we quickly answer your questions
    • Extremely detailed documentation
    • Narrated Video Tutorials
  • Multiple Widget Options
    • Easily Create Multiple Custom Sidebars
    • 2 Sidebar Width Options! 1/4 and 1/3
    • Sidebar Positioning (fixed or scrolling) Sitewide AND Per Page
    • Page Templates (right and left sidebar options)
    • 4 Style Options (boxed, side gradient, full solid box, plain text)
    • Full Color Control
    • Alignment Options
  • Standard Shortcode Sets

    • Four Column Icon Box Set
    • Three Column Service Set
    • Single Call Out Set
    • Skills and Services Set
    • Call to Action Set
    • Simple Pricing Set

Column five_twelths