The list below only include updates to the Respondo Pro Theme. View the Respondo Pro Shortcodes Plugin Changelog here.

Version 5.3.38 – 17 Nov 2017

  • Fix to prevent parent theme styling from overriding the Theme Options button color styles.

Version 5.3.37 – 10 Nov 2017

  • WooCommerce “My Account” page styling updated.
  • WooCommerce “Cart” page styling.
  • Fix to prevent Woo styling from overriding the padding of the mobile menu button.
  • Added theme support for Woo gallery functions: zoom, lightbox, & slider.

Version 5.3.36 – 11 Aug 2017

  • WooCommerce “My Account” page styling.
  • Fixed float error in Author Box when there is little to no author description.
  • Fixed issue causing Related Posts titles to butt up against the featured image.

Version 5.3.35 – 25 Jul 2017

  • Added negative left/right margins on the Mobile Header for screen sizes 767px and smaller to remove extra space.

Version 5.3.34 – 13 Jul 2017

  • Removed Social Share options for WooCommerce that were missed in v5.0 of the theme.

Version 5.3.33 – 10 Jul 2017

  • Added IF statement in header.php that would prevent PHP errors if the Header Scripts and Google Analytics fields in Theme Options was left blank during a Theme Options Export/Import.

Version 5.3.32 – 02 Jul 2017

  • Fixed issue where Mobile Header Button hover color wasn’t accurate with certain Theme Options settings.
  • Added “action” on Mobile Header Search so it would work correctly on internal pages.
  • Adjusted line-height and margin on Footer Copyright text.

Version 5.3.31 – 01 Jul 2017

  • Adjusted Mobile Header styling to account for Full-Width Header Menu options and to properly hide the Full-Width menu on mobile.
  • Added margins to float the Mobile Header correctly when the Full-Width Menu is selected in Theme Options.
  • Removed left and right borders that are displayed on Mobile Header when Full-Width Menu option is selected.

Version 5.3.30 – 30 Jun 2017

  • Corrected a pagination error on the Masonry Post Formats w/ Sidebar page template.

Version 5.3.29 – 28 Jun 2017

  • Removed PHP that was causing fixed PreHeader styling to be incorrectly applied to the Mobile Header.

Version 5.3.28 – 22 Jun 2017

  • Fixed CSS that was preventing active child menu items in the mobile menu from having the correct background color, as well as submenu caret indicators taking on the link color styling.

Version 5.3.27 – 22 Jun 2017

  • Fixed typo in functions.php file that was causing a PHP error on the Author pages.

Version 5.3.26 – 21 Jun 2017

  • Fixed issue in Theme Options that was switching the Mobile Header Active and Hover link colors.

Version 5.3.25 – 07 Jun 2017

  • Created new custom image sizes to utilize the srcset for responsive images. Passes the “Serve Scaled Images” test on Pingdom and GTMetrix. Currently applies to Masonry and Masonry with Sidebar page template.

Version 5.3.24 – 24 May 2017

  • Fixed issue that was causing sitewide H3 font size from Theme Options to override the PreFooter Title font size.
  • Replaced quotes in functions.php file for the emoji code.

Version 5.3.23 – 05 May 2017

  • Adjusted CSS to fix PreHeader visibility issue on mobile devices with certain Theme Options selected.

Version 5.3.22 – 04 May 2017

  • Removed a class in the mobile-header.php file that was causing an update in the Respondo Pro Shortcodes styling to override the visibility of the Mobile Header.

Version 5.3.21 – 02 May 2017

  • Fixed CSS bug that was adding a 75px space below the mobile menu on small desktop screens but not on mobile devices.
  • Adjusted CSS to hide the Preheader on mobile if the “Plain Text” option was selected.

Version 5.3.2 – 02 May 2017

  • Removed custom font-size from applying to the H3 text in the comment section of single post pages.

Version 5.3.11 – 01 May 2017

  • Removed /elements directory from the /fonts directory (moved there in error).

Version 5.3.1 – 01 May 2017

  • Fixed CSS bug that was causing Mobile Header to be hidden by the #main-content on mobile devices.

Version 5.3 – 25 April 2017

  • Placed mobile menu button in a <li> tag to comply with W3C Validation.
  • Removed extra closing </div> in footer if Footer Menu is not used (to comply with W3C Validation).

Version 5.2 – 21 April 2017

  • Added CSS to center mobile menu button.
  • Changed cursor to “pointer” on mobile menu button hover.

Version 5.1 – 19 April 2017

  • Moved Google Fonts and Font Awesome inclusion to the footer.php file, per request of Google Pagespeed Insights. This affects the functions.php file as well.

Version 5.0 – 17 April 2017 (The page speed update)

  • Removed /css/bootstrap.min.css & /css/bootstrap-responsive.min.css from theme, since not loading anyway, and css is in the shortcode plugin.
  • Removed all Font Awesome files in the theme and switched to using FA’s CDN async delivery method.
  • Removed /css/base.css file. Combined with style.css
  • Removed Git repo files that were within the theme folder
  • Made theme compatible with the Autoptimize plugin
  • Removed all social share options.
  • Removed CSS support for IE8 & IE9
  • Removed custom image thumbnail image size on both Post Format page templates. Thumbnails will load the full size image by default and will use the srcset to choose which image size (small, medium, large, or full) is best to load on the user’s particular screensize, rather than loading all images, or just one image and resizing it down on smaller screens. Currently, Google PageSpeed insights does not recognize srcset so it will show the iages are not optimized, which is not accurate.
  • Removed all custom image sizes. All thumbnails on all page/post templates will load the full size image by default and will use the srcset to choose which image size (small, medium, large, or full) is best to load on the user’s particular screensize (as mentioned above).

Version 4.5.32 – 10 April 2017

  • Addition: Added CSS to allow a “Plain Text” PreHeader to remain visible on mobile with the new Mobile-Only PreHeader rather than being hidden (as it was previously to prevent duplicate mobile menus).

Version 4.5.31 – 03 April 2017

  • Fix: Removed code from new Mobile Header Menu that required a PreHeader menu for the Mobile Menu to display (originally fixed in v4.5.21 but inadvertently added back in v4.5.3).

Version 4.5.3 – 29 March 2017

  • Change: Removed retina.js
  • Fix: Adjusted CSS to fine-tune some WooCommerce checkout page styling.

Version 4.5.23 – 24 March 2017

  • Fix: Adjusted CSS that was causing a white border around the Mobile PreHeader menu button.
  • Fix: Added JS that would allow sub-menu items in the Mobile PreHeader menu to open.

Version 4.5.22 – 23 March 2017

  • Fix: Adjusted CSS that was causing logo to wrap under the Mobile PreHeader menu button.
  • Fix: Cleared up a conflict that caused the Mobile PreHeader active link background color from displaying the custom option.

Version 4.5.21 – 21 March 2017

  • Fix: Removed code from new Mobile Header Menu that required a PreHeader menu for the Mobile Menu to display.

Version 4.5.2 – 21 March 2017

  • Addition: New Mobile Header created to replace both the PreHeader and Header on mobile. A new combined menu must be created and assigned to the Mobile Menu location in order to display a menu on mobile. Mobile options for PreHeader and Header have been replaced with options for the new Mobile Header.
  • Fix: Changed code used to call SiteURL so that SSL-secured sites are not prevented from displaying the green lock on Chrome.

Version 4.5.1 – 13 March 2017

  • Fix: Fixed issue on single post pages that prevented Featured Image and Individual Post Meta Data from being hidden on a per-post basis.
  • Fix: Updated Theme Options webfont font-family stacks to accurately display fonts on some mobile devices.

Version – 13 January 2017

  • Style: Minor admin CSS.

Version 4.5 – 09 January 2017

  • Addition: The Respondo Pro Theme is now compatible with Sensei. Course, Lesson, Quiz, and Progress pages styled to work well with the Respondo Pro theme.

Version 4.4.1 – 09 Dec 2016

  • Fix: Replaced the author.php file content with the correct layout. The layout was inadvertently overridden in v4.1.

Version 4.4 – 08 Dec 2016

  • Fix: Removed !important tag on Inverse button styling that prevented border-width styling from applying to that button style.
  • Fix: Moved page content in the ‘Masonry Post Format w/ Sidebar’ page template to allow for full-width shortcodes to be used without breaking the sidebar page layout.

Version 4.3.31 – 01 December 2016

  • Fix: IE11 was not displaying the sticky footer correctly due to a min-height bug.

Version 4.3.3 – 30 November 2016

  • Update: Modified CSS for a sticky footer on short-content pages. Works on footer without a fixed height.
  • Fix: Updated CSS to use correct font sizing on the footer Icon Links with the updated Font Awesome library.

Version 4.3.2 – 09 November 2016

  • Fix: Missed some WooCommerce buttons in the Button Transparency update in version 4.3. Added those buttons to the CSS to be sure they take on the correct styling when Respondo Pro button styling is applied to Woocommerce buttons.

Version 4.3.1 – 09 November 2016

  • Fix: Changed CSS to maintain correct Product Title margins on the single post page. This was needed after an update made to the single product page in Respondo Pro version 4.1.
  • Update: Some buttons in the WooCommerce customer account area were not taking on Theme Options styling. Updated the /elements/stylesheet.php file to fix the error.

Version 4.3 – 27 October 2016

  • Addition: Added Letter Spacing options to all text (body, lead, headers, subtitles, and buttons) on the site. New options can be found in both Theme Options > General Styling and Theme Options > Button Styling.
  • Addition: Added options for button background and hovered button background transparency. Options range from 0% – 100% in 5% increments. New options can be found in Theme Options > Button Styling.

Version 4.2 – 19 October 2016

  • Update: Updated Font Awesome library with v4.6.3 icons.

Version 4.1 – 17 October 2016

  • Fix: Related to the below issue, featured image fix issue was also detected on the single post page and fixed so that post meta data would not be pushed below the featured image.
  • Fix: Found issue with featured image on the blog/category pages when inconsistent image sizes are loaded. Fixed max-width so excerpt would not be moved below the featured image.
  • Update: Changed the way the /includes/theme-metaboxes.php file is called in the parent theme so it is able to be overridden in the child theme.
  • Addition: Added option in Theme Options > WooCommerce Options to add custom content to the top of the WooCommerce Shop page. Custom content is a WYSIWYG box, allowing for any and all content, including Respondo Pro shortcodes. Adding this content would hide the default Woo page title.

Version 4.0 – 07 September 2016

  • Update: Removed woocommerce/single-product/product-image.php from theme and added hooks in the functions.php file instead to avoid plugin update conflicts.
  • Update: Changed the way the /includes/theme-woo.php file is called in the parent theme so it is able to be overridden in the child theme.
  • Fix: Discovered an error that caused the WP Search Widget button to be unclickable, forcing the user to hit “enter/return” to continue the search. Edited the searchform.php file to resolve the issue.
  • Fix: Corrected a pagination error on the Masonry Post Formats page template.

Version 3.4 – (25 July 2016)

  • Change: Removed the following auto-generated image sizes: 300×300 Post Thumbnail, 450×9999 Blog Page Thumbnail, 600×9999 Single Post Thumbnail, 870×999 Portfolio Thumbnail.
  • Update: Removed woocommerce/content-product.php from theme and added hooks in the functions.php file instead to avoid plugin update conflicts.
  • Update: Removed HTML5 Shiv script, which enables HTML5 sectioning elements in Internet Explorer 6-9, Safari 4.x (and iPhone 3.x), and Firefox 3.x.
  • Change: Removed the Auto-Crop function for blog posts and single post pages, as well as the WP-generated images for those related sizes (reduced extra file count by 4 per uploaded image)
  • Change: Switched the Social Share code to use popups for Facebook and Twitter, and a lightbox for Pinterest.
  • Fix: Adjusted the existing CSS to include a WooCommerce change in the “Add to Cart” button so the Theme Options styling options would apply to that button.

Version 3.3 – 28 April 2016

  • Fix: Fixed error where logo alignment was not displaying correctly on Landing Pages.

Version 3.2 – 04 April 2016

  • Fix: Removed “With bio” text that appears before author bios on single post pages. This was accidentally added in version 3.0.
  • Addition: Updated FontAwesome to include version 4.5.0. Currently only available manually, not as icons in Theme Options (will add at a future date). Backwards compatible to version 3.0.2 so that  sites using the older version of the icons will continue to work correctly.
  • Fix: Fixed issue where non-link list items in the PreFooter were not taking on the correct font color from Theme Options > PreFooter Options.
  • Fix: Removed !important in the stylesheet.php file that was preventing the override of bottom border width on the last-child menu items in the footer and sidebar widget lists.
  • Addition: Added styling for customer notes on the WooCommerce “My Account > View Order” page.
  • Fix: Set all form input fields to have a font-size of 16px to prevent mobile devices from zooming in on form fields unnecessarily.
  • Fix: Added margins and boxed styling to order item buttons on the WooCommerce My Account page and to the dropdown login/coupon sections of the Checkout page for logged out users.
  • Fix: Slight color and size adjustments of the “delete” icon for products in the WooCommerce cart.
  • Fix: Removed light gray 1px border on top of all product image thumbnails in the Woo sidebar cart.
  • Fix: Slight adjustment to mobile layout of Woo single product page tabs (product details, reviews, etc) to remove the 3px overlap of the stacked tabs.
  • Fix: Set max-height: 100% for Woo thumbnails on the Shop page so they will fully fill the thumbnail borders.
  • Fix: Fixed the Alt Mobile PreHeader Buttonso the link would apply.
  • Fix: Update so the WooCommerce error/info/message box icons would use the same custom text color from Theme Options > WooCommerce specified for the text in those boxes.
  • Fix: Added CSS to fix arrow color of payment type box in Woo Checkout.
  • Fix: Fixed alignment, padding, and margins of product attributes in the cart.
  • Fix: Adjusted height and width of Coupon Code field in Woo checkout to match the height of the button.
  • Fix: Minor adjustments to the hover “X” icon in the WooCommerce cart widget to fix some alignment and hover issues.
  • Fix: Fixed the Alt Mobile PreHeader Button so that it displays the correct custom text.
  • Addition: Added float option to the Social Icons in the PreHeader.
  • Fix: Changed the default button width of the “Cart” and “Checkout” buttons in the WooCommerce cart widget to account for larger border widths and maintaining a side-by-side layout of the buttons, rather than stacking them.
  • Fix: Added some missing ?> tags in the /woocommerce/content-product.php file that was causing the Shop page to break in some (but not all) instances.

Version 3.1 – 12 February 2016

  • Addition: Added option to activate an Alternate Desktop PreHeader Menu layout.
  • Addition: Added style options to the new Alternate Mobile PreHeader Menu layout.
  • Fix: Update design flaws in the new Alternate Mobile PreHeader Menu layout.
  • Update: Updated the /woocommerce/content-product.php file to be compatible with WooCommerce version 2.5+

Version 3.0 – 10 February 2016

  • Addition: Created alternate Author Box view for single post pages on authors that don’t have a biography.
  • Addition: Added Alternate Mobile PreHeader Menu layout option that includes the search box and action button in the mobile menu, as well as a more streamlined mobile header.
  • Addition: Added search icon color option for the PreHeader Search Box.
  • Addition: Added text color option for the PreHeader Search Box.
  • Fix: Fixed code that was preventing PreHeader Search styling options from being applied.
  • Fix: Adjusted code that was preventing the “Hide PreFooter Top Border” from working correctly.
  • Addition: Added option for PreHeader bottom border width.
  • Addition: Added option for overriding float (left/right) of PreHeader search icon.
  • Addition: Added custom width option for PreHeader logo.
  • Addition: Added option in PreHeader for a CTA button next to the (optional) PreHeader menu.
  • Modification: Removed plugin auto-activate functionality when the theme is activated.
  • Fix: Add rel=”dns-prefetch” to the header.php file for Google Fonts and Google Analytics to reduce DNS lookups.
  • Change: Removed Font Awesome support for IE7.
  • Fix: Removed incorrect role=”” attribute in search forms for WT3C compliance.
  • Fix: Updated the text-domain to correctly reflect the theme slug and added it where is was missing.
  • Fix: Added WordPress tags to the theme stylesheet (for searching within the WP repository).
  • Fix: Added license to the theme.
  • Fix: Adjusted font-size, margins, and padding for product variations in the Woo sidebar cart.

Version 2.0.2 – 14 January 2016

  • Fix: Rearranged the Author Box (on single post pages and author pages) to allow the bio text to wrap under the author image.
  • Fix: Changed the pagination to show only 3 page numbers instead of 10 so it fits better on all device screen sizes.
  • Fix: Resized the Featured Image to display full-width in single post pages on mobile devices.
  • Addition: Added Featured Images to the Search Results page.
  • Fix: Adjusted Comments font size (it was too small).
  • Fix: Increased font size and reduced line height of post excerpts on blog and category pages.
  • Fix: Added ‘Product Sans’ Google Font back to styles after it was inadvertently left out in the recent Google Fonts enqueue fix.
  • Fix: Set Author bio to take on line-height of site-wide text in Theme Options.
  • Fix: Adjusted an earlier fix for list font size/line/height to not apply to preheader lists.
  • Fix: Adjusted an earlier fix for list items bottom margin to not apply to preheader lists.
  • Fix: Adjusted Sitemap page template to exclude BLOG section if there are no posts on the site.
  • Fix: Enqueued all Google Fonts in the theme instead of calling them via @import to improve page load time.
  • Fix: Updated the /woocommerce/content-product.php file in the parent theme to match the current version of the file in the WooCommerce plugin (version 2.4.0).
  • Fix: Set Footer lists to take on the font size in the Footer options, not the General Options.
  • Fix: Removed bottom margin on list items in the Footer.
  • Fix: Added 10px margin below list items for better readability.
  • Fix: Changed all header sizes to be more responsive and override the set font sizes in Theme Options on smaller screens.
  • Fix: Set smaller H3 text starting at 979px screens width (it was set starting at 767px screen width previously).
  • Fix: Remove <p> tags added to shortcodes in the Theme Options > Header Options > Custom Header WYSIWYG box.
  • Addition: Added functionality to allow SVG file uploads within the WordPress dashboard (which is blocked by default in WordPress).
  • Addition: Switched Header <p> tags to be defaulted to 14px font-size instead of 24px, and set the General Font Size and General Line Height to affect the Header <p> font size.
  • Fix: Added WooCommerce sidebar search widget submit input button to the buttons able to take on Theme Options button styles.
  • Fix: Edited elements/stylesheet.php file to account for change in height needed above the PreHeader when logged in to allow for space for the WP Admin Bar when a PreHeader shadow was in use.
  • Addition: Created new options in Theme Options > WooCommerce Options to control the background and border colors of the sidebar cart widget.
  • Fix: Edited the template-portfolio.php to correct an error in the code that broke any page using that template.
  • Fix: Adjusted CSS to position the logo correctly on tablet and mobile views.
  • Fix: Adjusted CSS to override updated WooCommerce color styling on cart “X” to remove a product.
  • Fix: Fixed issue that was causing a duplicate background image in the header.
  • Fix: Mobile menu carets were not taking on the same color as the menu item text color. Fixed.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue where the default 15px font-size in the dropdown menu items was not rendering the correct font size.
  • Fix: New button border options were not being applied to the mobile menu ‘hamburger’ button or the WooCommerce “Apply Coupon” button on the checkout page. Fixed.
  • Addition: Created new page template for Masonry layout that adds a sidebar (width and left/right side dependent on Theme Options > Blog Options).
  • Fix: Adjusted line-height of headers to be more accurate and more responsive.
  • Addition: Added ‘Product Sans’ Google Font to the Theme Options library.
  • Addition: New button border option added to Theme Options. In addition to the current options (4px bottom border or no border at all), there is now an option to add a border around the entire button with a customized border width.

Version 2.0.1 – 06 October 2015

  • Fix: Adjusted width and padding of Gravity Forms fields to preventing overlapping and running outside the container.
  • Fix: Corrected issue in PreFooter links that didn’t hover the correct color from Theme Options.

Version 2.0.0 – 30 September 2015

  • Fix: Removed empty meta tag in header.php.
  • Fix: Updated <meta charset> with dynamic version.
  • Fix: Removed hidden .DS_store files throughout theme.
  • Fix: Replaced instances of get_bloginfo(‘url’) and get_bloginfo(‘home’) with home_url().
  • Addition: Added “Gallery” post format support.
  • Addition: Added “Masonry Post Format” page option for Blog page. Utilizes all current post formats (Aside, Gallery, Image, Link, Quote, Status, Video, Audio).
  • Addition: Added new tab in Theme Options called Post Format Options to control styling of the new “Masonry Post Format” page template.
  • Fix: Corrected code that prevented parent product categories from being displayed in the breadcrumbs.
  • Improvement: Merged /font and /fonts folders and updated all references to the removed /font folder.
  • Fix: Removed /elements/event-meta.php file, as it was no long er being used by the theme.
  • Fix: Removed code that was removing the RSS feeds.
  • Fix: Sanitized the home_url() code throughout the theme.
  • Improvement: Removed “Responsive” Social Share Button Style option.
  • Improvement: Removed “Read more…” copy text.
  • Fix: Updated the CSS to style the “Proceed to Checkout” button in WooCommerce after class name change.
  • Addition: New widget area for WooCommerce Shop and Product Category pages that will allow for any content in the widget area to be displayed above the page content on mobile devices smaller than 767px screen width, regardless of Widget Area Settings in Theme Options.
  • Improvement: Post excerpts link […] to the post link (previously there was no link at all).
  • Fix: Updated code to allow PreFooter border to work (a previous fix broke this functionality).

Version 1.0.2 – 15 April 2015

  • Addition: Added option in Theme Options > WooCommerce Options to auto-size the Catalog, Single Product, and Product Thumbnail Images to prevent tall/narrow images from affecting the layout of the Shop and Single Product pages.
  • Addition: Added the ability to duplicate posts, pages, and portfolio items from the dashboard. Simply hover on the item you want to duplicate and there is a new link next to the edit, trash, and view options.
  • Fix: Theme Options Button Styling would apply the Default button style to all buttons if the other options were not changed. Fixed so only the Default style affected the Default button.
  • Fix: Wording in Theme Options > General Styling > Border Width option was excluding widget borders, which was wrong. Fixed it to indicate that widget borders are affected by changes to this option.
  • Fix: Added CSS in elements/stylesheet.php file that included any buttons with the “submit” class that were not listed with one of the Respondo Pro button class names. This included these buttons in the Them Options styling.
  • Fix: Added CSS that would apply button styling to WooCommerce buttons prior to JavaScript loading correct button classes (specifically the Add To Cart button on single product pages).
  • Fix: Removed “Template Name: Blog Page” from the archive.php, archive-portfolio.php, and taxonomy-category-portfolio.php files which caused a conflict when using the actual Blog Page template.
  • Addition: Added script in respondo.js file to append copied text to include “Read more at: PAGEURL” at the end.
  • Fix: Removed padding-top for icons in WooCommerce Messages for WooCommerce 2.3.7+
  • Fix: Connected the WooCommerce Proceed to Checkout” button so it would use the Theme Options Button Styling in WooCommerce 2.3.7+.

Version 1.0.1 – 17 July 2014

  • Addition: General Font Line Height option added to Theme Options > General Styling.
  • Addition: WooCommerce breadcrumbs now include categories on single product pages.
  • Addition: Fixed/Scroll Sidebar option for WooCommerce Single Product Pages.
  • Addition: Added another option for Social Sharing Buttons on pages and single posts. Default social sharing buttons has been set to this new option and can be found in Theme Options > Post Options > Author & Social Share Settings.
  • Addition: Added StumbleUpon to Share buttons on single post/product pages.
  • Addition: Header Action Button now works with the Full-Width (Logo Left) Menu option.
  • Addition: Added option in Theme Options > PreHeader Options to change the placeholder text in the PreHeader Search box.
  • Addition: Added option in Theme Options > Header Options to change the placeholder text in the Header Search box.
  • Addition: Added option in Theme Options > Post Options to change the text in the Social Share box on single post pages.
  • Update: Added general fixes sitewide to accommodate the changes made in the WooCommerce 2.1 plugin update. The theme still works with the previous versions as well.
  • Fix: PreHeader/Header/Full-Width Header Menu was not staying in the right place with a PreContent shortcode on the page.
  • Fix: Image min-width scaling from 100% to auto in IE8.
  • Fix: Pagination padding.
  • Fix: Updated post comment button to use theme styling.
  • Fix: Gravity Form field styling on dropdown inputs and hour/minute labels.
  • Fix: Portfolio “Read More” button was not controlled by Theme Options. Fixed it so it is using the success button style controlled in Theme Options.
  • Fix: Updated the Title Link Color option to be applied correctly to Blog Post Title Links, which were previously being controlled by the Title Color option.
  • Fix: Updated Text Widget text default color.
  • Fix: The Search Results page sidebar was using the Pages Widget Area, this was fixed to have the page use the Blog sidebar.
  • Fix: Comment text now uses the site-wide Text Size option.
  • Fix: Updated the Gravity Forms Prev/Next buttons on multipage forms to use the Theme Options colors and Respondo Pro button styling.
  • Fix: Updated the Gravity Forms Progress Bar to use Respondo Pro styling.
  • Fix: Header/Header Menu now scroll instead of staying fixed on the page at 1024px screen width (landscape tablet) regardless of the position selected in Theme Options.
  • Fix: Corrected the form field height for the MyMail plugin to work with Respondo Pro theme styling.
  • Fix: WooCommerce “Apply Coupon” button was not using Theme Options colors. Now it is.
  • Fix: WooCommerce PreHeader Cart Button hover gradient colors are now correctly applied.
  • Fix: Adjusted Button padding for more accurate line-height centering.
  • Fix: Hide Page/Post Title Divider was not working, it is now.
  • Fix: WooCommerce Product Categories list in the sidebar – first-child list items were using sitewide border width instead of 1px border width. Using correct width now.
  • Fix: Placeholder images for WooCommerce products in the PreHeader Cart dropdown are now being resized correctly.
  • Fix: Input type=text form field height fixed.
  • Fix: Header Menu parent item caret color fixed to use correct color on hover if the link is the active page.
  • Fix: Added a CSS fix that corrects a problem with Chrome v33 displaying webfonts on page load.
  • Fix: Removed the bottom border on the last-child PreFooter list items.
  • Fix: Adjusted the Button styling to have correct padding and line-height for all fonts.
  • Fix: Header Menu layout “Full-Width Menu, Logo Left” fixed to keep the logo left-justified until 979px screen width.
  • Fix: Header shadow was appearing over Mobile PreHeader Menu when activated. Fixed the z-index to alleviate the issue.
  • Fix: Search Results page was not utilizing the sidebar location specified in the Blog Page Options, this was fixed, as well as verbiage added in the Theme Options > Blog Page Options indicating the layout controls that page as well.
  • Fix: Added CSS that allows the ‘Hide Arrow To Sub-menu’ option in the Theme Options > Dropdown Menu Options to work correctly.
  • Fix: Sitemap page template adjusted to hide the Portfolio post type if there are no posts.

Version 1.0.0 – 12 Feb 2014

  • Official launch – Prior to officially launching as Respondo Pro, there were 2 years of core development efforts by a proficient and talented team of Developers at Spark Logix Studios.