The list below only include updates to the Respondo Pro Shortcodes plugin. View the Respondo Pro Theme Changelog here.

Version 4.24 – 28 Sep 2018

  • Fix: Updated the “Content on Hover” image shortcode to work correctly when a link is used in the shortcode

Version 4.23 – 28 Mar 2018

  • Fix: Changed the full-width shortcode container code to load full-width instantly

Version 4.22 – 08 Mar 2018

  • Fix: Update to work with “Equal” height columns

Version 4.21 – 08 Mar 2018

  • Added: Column Background link option (including new window option)
  • Added: Hover effect option. If yes, it will make the column go up 10px on hover
  • Added: Shadow option. If yes, it adds a transparent black box shadow around the column

Version 4.20 – 05 Mar 2018

  • Removed: Shadow CSS affecting menu
  • Removed: Gallery Grid Code
  • Removed: Precontent option (it had Option Tree dependencies)
  • Update: PHP7 Compatible
  • Change: Removed call to Option Tree function which no longer exists in the Respondo Customizer theme.
  • Addition: New Custom Text shortcode with responsive font sizesAddit and font family option.
  • Fix: Line height & padding adjusted on Mini, Small, Medium, and Large buttons.
  • Addition: XL and XXL button options added

Version 4.19 – 07 Jun 2017

  • Fix: Changed the image class on the Masonry format to allow images to utilize WordPress’ srcset image sizing.

Version 4.18 – 01 Jun 2017

  • Fix: Set Button text-align to center.

Version 4.17 – 31 May 2017

  • Fix: Added CSS to make the center-aligned Buttons float correctly.

Version 4.16 – 26 May 2017

  • Fix: Removed inline script fix from v4.14 (it was causing sporadic breaks on various full-width layouts).

Version 4.15 – 25 May 2017

  • Fix: Removed column-background 100% width fix for mobile screen sizes (it breaks certain layouts and is not needed on screens smaller than 767px wide).

Version 4.14 – 25 May 2017

  • Fix: Updated inline Full-Width shortcode script to calculate height after all other files are loaded to ensure height is tall enough to accommodate the content.

Version 4.13 – 23 May 2017

  • Fix: Updated CSS to apply the previous 100% width column background to equal-height columns only.

Version 4.12 – 23 May 2017

  • Fix: Add width:100% to Column Background shortcode to properly center content.

Version 4.11 – 25 April 2017

  • Updated plugin display name.
  • Fix: typo in admin JS enqueue function

Version 4.1 – 25 April 2017

  • Fix: Changed priority of admin JS enqueue function to load at priority ‘100’ for NextGen Gallery plugin compatibility.
  • Remove: extra Bootstrap css that conflicted with Respondo styling when minified by the Autoptimize plugin
  • Removed multiple Bootstrap CSS lines of code for compatibility with Autoptimize.

Version 4.0 – 19 April 2017

  • Combined CSS and JS loaded on the frontend.
  • Hides id=”” attribute if left empty in the [rs-column] shortcode.

Version 3.6.11 – 07 April 2017

  • Fix: Corrected a bug that was causing the plus/minus icons on accordion tabs to not display/hide correctly.

Version 3.6.1 – 16 March 2017

  • Update: Updated the Masonry shortcode to allow for a specific single category to be selected, as well as the function to show/hide the excerpt and meta bar.
  • Fix: Fixed default background hover color on Box Background Hover shortcode and hover cursor style.

Version 3.6 – 18 January 2016

  • Addition: Created “Position: Center” option on Single Button Group shortcode. Removed the function for the single button groups to convert to a dropdown menu on mobile devices. Buttons are now stacked on mobile devices and small screens.
  • Addition: Created Box Background Hover shortcode.

Version 3.5.1 – 09 December 2016

  • Fix: Added CSS to hide the play button on the video on mobile devices.

Version 3.5 – 09 December 2016

  • Addition: Added the ‘Full-Width Video Background’ shortcode. This adds an autoplay video behind full-width content. Optional color overlay. Mobile devices display a still of the video rather than the autoplay video itself.

Version 3.4 – 08 December 2016

  • Addition: Added a “Total Width” option to the ‘Horizontal Divider‘ shortcode.
  • Modification: Changed the Masonry Posts shortcode to display the_excerpt and not the_content of posts.

Version 3.3 – 20 October 2016

  • Addition: Added option within the Columns and Non-Cascading Columns shortcodes to have equal height columns (using FlexBox).

Version 3.2 – 19 October 2016

  • Update: Updated Font Awesome library with v4.6.3 icons.

Version 3.1 – 17 October 2016

  • Addition: Added ‘slide-top’ option to the Transition shortcode (allowing elements within the shortcode to slide from the top down).
  • Addition: Added auto-update functionality so the plugin can now be updated from the WP dashboard (only works if you have version 3.0+ installed).

Version 3.0 – 07 September 2016

  • Addition: Added “Position: None” to the Button shortcode to allow centering multiple buttons in a group.
  • Addition: Added gradient color option to Column Background shortcode.
  • Addition: Added Custom Class and Custom ID to the Columns, Column-in-Column, and Non-Cascading Columns shortcodes.
  • Modification: Updated design/layout of shortcode editor box.

Version 2.1 – 28 April 2016

  • Addition: Added new shortcode: Lines Beside Text. Places vertically centered lines on either side of your content. Can control color, weight, and width of the lines.
  • Addition: Added new shortcode: Masonry Blog Posts. Places blog posts on any page in the masonry format.
  • Addition: Added two new shortcodes: Anchor and Anchor Link. Allows anchors to easily be placed anywhere on a page and to link to those anchor points.
  • Fix: Added CSS to make sure that the 2/5, 3/5, and 4/5 nogutter columns were the correct width an had no margin/gutter.
  • Fix: Fixed an issue with the new Hover Image option in the “Advanced Image: Content on Hover” shortcode. Added an option to the “Image Option” selection to include “no link” so that any hover content would be clickable and not rely on the entire image itself being a lightbox link or page link.

Version 2.0 – 11 February 2016

  • Addition: Added Hover Image option to the “Advanced Image: Content on Hover” shortcode. Now on hover, instead of just a color opacity, the image can change as well.
  • Fix: Moved inline <style> tags for shortcodes inside the divs they control and added the “scoped” attribute for WT3C compliance.
  • Change: Removed Font Awesome support for IE7.
  • Addition: Added + sign to the Accordion Stacked Tabs shortcode when tabs are closed.
  • Fix: Adjusted XML file to fix error where adding a new Slider image didn’t work.
  • Addition: Added option in the Full-Width + Parallax shortcode to have a color opacity overlay on the entire full-width image. Opacity options range from 0%-100%.
  • Addition: Added new Tooltip shortcode.
  • Fix: Added a “clear” div below the excerpt on the Blog Posts shortcode to retain proper layout on smaller screen sizes to accomadate the now-shorter excerpt length.
  • Modification: Changed the excerpt length in the Blog Posts shortcode from 50 words to 30 words.
  • Addition: Created a new Advanced Image Shortcode: Text Change on Hover. This new shortcode allows for text to be displayed over an image, and for the text to change when the image/text is hovered. Optional background bar behind the text will also change on hover.
  • Addition: Added Background Image Size option to the Column Background Image shortcode for more control of image settings.
  • Addition: New shortcode added in the Respondo Pro Shortcodes plugin – Column Background. Gives the option of adding a full-size image in any container (commonly the columns) with text/buttons/images/any content over the top. Padding, text/link colors, and background options added as well.
  • Addition: Added “No Gutter” option to Column-in-Column shortcode.
  • Addition: Added “Keep Title Color” option to Full-Width + Parallax shortcode that will allow you to retain the Title Color chosen in Theme Options rather than using the Text Color used in the shortcode.
  • Addition: Added “Custom Class” option to Column Background shortcode.
  • Addition: Added “Non-Cascading Columns” shortcode that allows for columns to remain their set widths and not transform to 100% widths on mobile devices.
  • Addition: Added “cover” background image size to the Full-Width+Parallax shortcode.
  • Improvement: Post excerpts link […] to the post link (previously there was no link at all).
  • Addition: Responsive Hide and Responsive Background Color added to the Full-Width+Parallax Shortcode.

Version 1.0 – 15 April 2015

  • Fix: Corrected layout of the lightbox when adding a Respondo Pro Shortcode to a post/page to work with WordPress 4.0. Fix is in the Respondo Pro Shortcodes Plugin, not the Respondo Pro Theme.
  • Addition: Added option in Columns shortcode (in Respondo Pro Shortcodes plugin) to allow columns to have the option of gutters or no gutters in between.
  • Fix: 5-Column No Gutter shortcode option was not floating correctly. Adjusted CSS to fix the issue.
  • Addition: Background Color and Border Color Opacity options for Box Content shortcode. Currently does not work in Internet Explorer.
  • Addition: Added option in the Full-Width + Parallax Shortcode for Link Color and Link Hover Color. The Link/Hover Color options do not affect buttons added in that shortcode.
  • Addition: Added 5-Column Widget Area option to the PreFooter Layout options.
  • Addition: Added 5-Column option to the Columns and Column-In-Column shortcodes.
  • Addition: Added (optional) Custom Class option to Standard Image shortcode.
  • Fix: Box Content Shortcode and list items now use the Font Size and Line Height set in Theme Options > General Styling.
  • Fix: Changed the output of the Box Content shortcode for bkg_opacity and brd_opacity from “0” to “0.0” so that a 0% opacity color would display correctly.
  • Fix: Made adjustments to the Respondo Pro Shortcodes plugin and Respondo Pro Weather plugin that were necessary for the TinyMCE buttons to appear in WP 3.9. The Respondo Pro Theme also had a minor style update to adjust the Format TinyMCE box in WP 3.9.

Version 1.0.0 – 12 Feb 2014

  • Official launch – Prior to officially launching Respondo Pro Shortcodes, there were 2 years of core development efforts by a proficient and talented team of Developers at Spark Logix Studios.