This is where customization gets fun. With the Preheader and Header you control things like fixed or scrolling, where the menu, logo, cart, icons are displayed plus much more. It’s detailed, we’ve thought of almost everything to give you the most control available.

First, select whether you want to how or hide the preheader. You’ll also need to decipher whether you’ll keep the preheader fixed or scrolling (this means you control whether the preheader sticks to the top of the page even when the user is scrolling through the page). Control menu location, icon links, search, logo, WooCommerce cart, font face, font size, text color, links color, links hover color, links active color, background (color, image, background repeat, fixed or scrolling repeat, background positioning), background gradient, gradient colors, hovered link background color, active link background color, bar shadow, shadow spread, shadow size, mobile button colors (button, hover, border, border hover, 3 lines, 3 lines hover, active state of menus (home, hover, active).

In addition to all of that you can either have the search box cover the entire page (as is the default) or slide in position to unhide the search bar (right in the prheader) while pushing over any content next to it. You also have the option to enable WooCommerce search or keep the standard WordPress search capability and return of results. You also may control the color elements of the search box (we thought of everything).