The prefooter options are massive. There are a lot of things you can do with the prefooter on Respondo -just warning you. 😉

First you control the visibility, maybe you don’t even want a big ole’ prefooter, no problem. Check a box and the prefooter will hide for good. In addition to showing or not showing the prefooter you can create some interesting pages by selecting to keep the prefooter fixed, (of course, scrolling is the default).

Here’s where the options start to blossom. Control the columns layout with options including (6 column, 4 column, 3 column, 2 column, 1 column, 2 quarter and 1 half columns, 1 half and 2 quarter columns, 1 third and 2 thirds columns, 2 thirds and 1 third columns). Each of these columns represent the positioning of your widgets, the 6 columns represented have pre built widgets built into the theme. Title font face and size, content font face and size, colors including (title, text, link, link hover, link active, vertical divider, item divider, background, hovered item text, complete background including color, gradient and pattern, bottom border) are all under your control. You can even add shadows, rounded or squared corners, show or hide the top border and more.

What’s amazing is that Respondo Pro lets you create a secondary set of options if you want to have a mobile specific PreFooter. That’s right, if you want a special footer shown on mobile devices you can do it with anything INCLUDING SHORTCODES. Talk about versatility! Options for the mobile specific prefooter include: show or hide all widgets on mobile, if hide then display mobile option including the following options: show specific menu for mobile only, colors including (background, background gradient, border, menu item background, menu item background gradient, hovered menu item background, hovered menu item background gradient, active menu item). With mobile option selected you may also use shortcodes to style a specific PreFooter, you can apply the shortcode in place of the mobile menu, on top or underneath it.

Respondo Pro makes creating unique footers as easy as it gets (with not one drop of code coming from you) -if that’s what you’re into. Don’t worry, if there’s something really specific there’s custom CSS (for the developer types). This theme is made to be the base for all of your projects.