Almost every visible element is managed in theme options on Respondo Pro (making it the ultimate Framework theme). The general styling tab will open the window to all of the basic elements.

To start: you’ll control the font face (several options built in), font size, font weight for regular sitewide text, titles, leads etc. Control all the header sizes from H1 through H6. General font colors including: text, titles, link, link titles, link hover, titles hover and sub titles. Show or hide a dotted line (a:focus) around links as they are being clicked, or when a user tabs from link to link. Control featured image hover border color and image glow color. Site background including colors, images and all image repeat options. Control the border around everything on the site (color and pixels).

Here, you’ll also have the power to control how the forms are styled on the site. Control the following: form field border color, border width, field background color, focus glow color, label text color, input text color. And finally, breadcrumbs: background color, text color, link color and link hover color.

General styling is only the start, theme options on Respondo Pro let you get deep into controlling more than you could imagine.