The prefooter is the big footer with lots of customizations and the footer is the little footer that acts kind of like the preheader (in a way). With the footer you still have massive control. A neat method for the prefooter is to make it fixed so it’s always on the bottom of the screen (no matter where the visitor is scrolling), this isn’t the default but it’s as easy as checking a box. Creating a fixed footer is a great way to highlight a special offer or have navigation always available for someone on a desktop computer (or laptop).

As with all theme options, there’s a lot of customization to be had. Show or hide visibility, fixed or scrolling, active and hover states shown or hidden, menu location, allow sub menus on the navigation, add icon links, search, logo, font face, font size, text color, links color, links hover color, links active color, background (color, image, background repeat, fixed or scrolling repeat, background positioning), background gradient, gradient colors, hovered link background color, active link background color, bar shadow, shadow spread, shadow size and bottom border and color. It’s everything, you can control it all.