Respondo Pro is a development agency ready, full WordPress Framework.

Thousands of variations of the overall site layout; styling and layout options are nearly unlimited. With Respondo you can modify, style, show or hide the preheader, header, precontent, content, prefooter, and footer. In theme options it’s easy to manage these elements in addition to host of site altering changes. Within theme options you have the control to restyle the site exactly to your liking.

With Respondo Pro you can create thousands of layout variations above the fold using the header, header menu options and preheader. Create different header layouts in an almost unlimited array of options including shortcodes and custom styling. At the bottom of the page there are just as many variations giving you a real ability to make this the last theme you’ll want to use. Most of what you can dream up will be made possible with Respondo Pro.

Not only full style control but also useful functionality is found in theme options. One aspect is the user’s ability to quickly create landing pages. When creating a landing page you’ll select our built in template for landing page. This template will then take on the prompts you set in theme options.

In theme options you’ll set the defaults for your landing page so next time, when you create a landing page all you’ll need to do is create the content on the page and select landing page as the template. Then all of your site defaults you created are instantly applied!

Want to add a special sidebar to a specific page? It’s now super easy with Respondo Pro! There are several controls in the widgets option area, the first of which is the creation of a new widget area. Here you’ll create the name of your new widget area, after you save your changes a new widget area appears in the widgets section of WordPress. Create as many as you want. Within these widget areas you can add any widget you have available in your widgets section. Amazing!

Something else that helps save you time and expands more possibilities is that each widget area you create is now found throughout the framework. For example: you create a page and want a specific sidebar for your page? Easy, in page options under where you write your content you just select your newly created widget area from a dropdown. This along with selecting a template with a right or left sidebar and you’ve done it. No coding needed.

You’ll also have the ability to alter sidebar positioning to either be fixed or scrolling. This is a super cool feature that you can add sitewide or on a per page basis. If you want a little information in the sidebar to stay with the user as they scroll you can do it with a fixed sidebar. Pretty sweet!

The Respondo Pro Framework Theme is built with WooCommerce as the choice for eCommerce. Not only is it available, it’s closely integrated and very, very effective with a boost from Respondo Pro. Respondo Pro was built for specific use with WooCommerce.

The attention to detail throughout the WooCommerce framework was a priority. You now control (via theme options) the greatest WordPress, eCommerce plugin available.

And sooo much more!

You like options when it comes to your big fat footer? Sure you do! You control the visibility, and maybe you don’t even want a big ole’ prefooter, no problem. Check a box and the prefooter will hide for good. In addition to showing or not showing the prefooter you can create some interesting pages by selecting to keep the prefooter fixed, (of course, scrolling is the default).

Here’s where the options start to blossom. Control the columns layout with options including (6 column, 4 column, 3 column, 2 column, 1 column, 2 quarter and 1 half columns, 1 half and 2 quarter columns, 1 third and 2 thirds columns, 2 thirds and 1 third columns). Each of these columns represent the positioning of your widgets, the 6 columns represented have pre built widgets built into the theme. Title font face and size, content font face and size, colors including (title, text, link, link hover, link active, vertical divider, item divider, background, hovered item text, complete background including color, gradient and pattern, bottom border) are all under your control. You can even add shadows, rounded or squared corners, show or hide the top border and more.

This is just to highlight a point. There’s tons of options (even in the footer). There’s options everywhere. Giving you FULL CONTROL.