Pages & Sidebars

Page Options

Select from several templates and also manage pages options including: Subtitle, Sidebar (select or create a widget for each unique page), Sidebar positioning (Default Theme Option, Scroll or Fixed), Show or Hide (Breadcrumbs, Title, Sub Title, Page Title Divider).

Theme Options (for pages)

Set pages throughout the theme including: Home, Blog, Portfolio, 404, Sitemap. Also dictate sitewide defaults for sidebar for pages, Breadcrumbs, Titles, Sub Titles, Page Title Divider.

Widget Control & Sidebars

On Pages and posts you may select whether you want a right sidebar or a left sidebar. In theme options you can create as many widget areas as you’d like (this allows you the ability to create specific sidebars and place and have them appear on specific pages). Site wide and per page you can specify fixed and scrolling sidebars easily (this page has a fixed sidebar). In theme options you can control the following: Custom Widget Area, 1/4 or 1/3 site wide sidebar width, site wide fixed or scrolling, Several options for widget styling including full color and alignment control on ALL elements.