Respondo Pro Features

an Agency Ready WordPress Framework (theme builder) by Spark Logix Studios

Robost Options

Robust Options & Shortcodes

Least design resistance in a theme. Countless variations and no coding knowledge necessary. + Developer ready.

Device Ready

Completely Device & Browser Ready

Fresh updates for every device screen size, browser and operating system. Reduce Quality Assurance time.


Expandable & Built for WooCommerce

Built for WooCommerce: design and expansion ready. Reliability and speed at the core of Respondo Pro.

Easy Website Design

Thousands of variations of the overall site layout; styling and layout options are nearly unlimited. With Respondo you can modify, style, show or hide the preheader, header, precontent, content, prefooter, and footer. In theme options it’s easy to manage these elements in addition to a host of site altering changes.

See the Website Options
Respondo Pro Website Management

Incredible Shortcode Variations

With the Respondo Pro Shortcodes you’re able to add elements quickly and easily. Elements like full width, parallax features and animated content transitions. You can also add columns, columns in columns and spacing to control the design perfectly. These are in addition to all of the standard shortcodes you expect from a Framework as powerful as Respondo Pro. Design your custom experience with ease.

Devices eCommerce

eCommmerce Equipped

The Respondo WordPress Theme was built for specific use with our favorite eCommerce platform plugin for WP, WooCommerce. We’ve accounted for everything and have taken special care to ensure the platform works exactly as it should on all screen sizes. This is a well thought out collaboration.

Dream of it and Build it with Respondo.

Full Width and Parallax

With Respondo Shortcodes, the sky is the limit when designing a new page. The Full Width extension just adds to the amazing expandability of this phenomenal plugin set.

Transition Animations

The Transition, Animations allow you to create areas on a page that: slide from the left, from the right or from the bottom. You can also have the content fade in or out. Add any content within the animation area you specify.

Advanced Images

With advanced images you have a ton of options to really make your website unique. Create thousands of page variations quickly and enhance the website with transitioning and creative image options.

Built in Slider Options

The Slider Pro not only lets you create a lightweight and simple slider with full accent color control but it also lets you do the same thing BUT with blog posts. Set up your blog post slider once and you’re done (both options, easy to use)!

There’s sooo much, keep looking around to find more!

Easy Add Gallery Grid

Just the tip of why you should consider Respondo Pro:

  • Originally Built with Twitter Bootstrap – Modified and made to not only look and behave great in the latest desktop browsers, but in tablet and smartphone browsers via responsive CSS as well.
  • 100% Responsive Theme Bootstrap’s 12-column responsive grid + Elements
  • 1170 Width Layout + Full Width Shortcode Options with Parallax
  • Multiple Header & Preheader Layouts and Color Options (thousands of variations including fixed and scrolling + Shortcodes!)
  • Multiple Footer & Prefooter Layouts and Color Options (thousands of variations including fixed and scrolling + Shortcodes!)
  • Advanced Theme Options (Framework) Built for exacting customization (see above) *Full Site Control
  • Retina Ready
  • Built with HTML5 and CSS3
  • Includes Extensive Documentation
  • Multiple Video Tutorials for Easy Instruction
  • Child Theme Compatible
  • WooCommerce Integrated All of the standard styling is thoughtfully built and beautifully responsive (better than the standard version). Your theme options styling chocies will even affect the site throughout, all the way down to each and every WooCommerce page.
  • Includes Entire Font Awesome 3.0 icon set, fully integrated
  • Font Awesome Shortcodes -Includes list items and stand alone icon
  • Unlimited Color Options with back-end Color Selector for every visible element
  • Unlimited Backgrounds including colors, gradients, and patterns
  • Advanced Portfolio Options
    • 10 Portfolio Layouts to Choose From
    • Control ALL Color Elements and Styling
    • 10 Category/Archive Layouts to Choose From
    • 5 Content Page Layouts to Choose From
    • Use ALL Shortcodes on Portfolio Item Pages
    • Auto Generated Thumbnails
    • Control Meta Visibility
    • Control other Page Specific Features
    • Sortable/Filterable Categories
  • Custom Page Shortcodes & Page Options
    • 8 Respondo Pro Layouts via Custom Shortcode Options
    • 6 Standard Homepage Layouts via Custom Shortcode Options
    • 2 Standard Service Page Layouts via Custom Shortcode Options
    • 3 Standard Pricing Page Layouts via Custom Shortcode Options
    • Standard Landing page Layout via Custom Shortcode Options (and theme options)
    • 2 Standard About Page Layouts via Custom Shortcode Options
    • 2 Standard Team Page Layouts via Custom Shortcode Options
    • 3 Standard Contact page Layouts via Custom Shortcode Options
    • Customize each and every page easily
    • Landing Page Options – Customize the landing page settings
    • Use Many Pro Premium Respondo Extensions (included)
    • Embed Custom Content including multiple portfolio and blog shortcode layouts
    • Sidebar Left or Right also add fixed or scrolling sidebar (per page)
    • Default Full Width
    • Sitemap
    • Portfolio
    • Blog left, right or full width
    • Side Navigation
    • Hide or Display a Sub Title
    • Show or hide (sitewide or per page) Breadcrumbs, Title, Subtitle, Header Divider)
  • Advanced Blog Options
    • 3 Layouts to choose from; left sidebar, right sidebar, and full width
    • Widget Options Layout Includes (1/4 or 1/3 width layout options)
    • Built in Respondo Blog Slider Pro Extension Select any category and display via shortcode on any page
    • Built in Blog News Feature Shortcode
    • Set Crop or Full Size Featured Image
    • Auto generated thumbnails
    • Easily specify the number of posts per page
    • Pages can have left or right sidebar – Change per post if required
    • Add or remove meta data, date, author, categories, comments
    • Control custom color styles on every element
  • Unlimited Sidebars
    • Use the Default 1/4 Width Sidebar or Check a Box and Get a 1/3 Width Sidebar…. Instantly
    • Create custom sidebar widgets via Theme Options for the various sections on the site
    • Sidebars can be positioned on left or right side
    • Sidebars can be fixed or scrolling (sitewide or per page)
    • Use our custom built shortcode widget in any sidebar
    • Add shortcodes to any widget area sidebar using the Respondo Widget
  • Advanced Typography Options
    • Use Google Fonts, Standard Fonts, or Upload Your Custom Font!
    • All font options are controlled in the theme options panel
    • Set different font sizes for all H1-H6 headings and body text
    • Set different font colors for all H1-H6 headings and body text
  • WordPress Multi-Site Tested & Ready
  • SEO Optimized, Solid SEO structure BUILT IN (compatible with SEO Plugins like Yoast)
  • Includes the Incredible Twitter Bootstrap Shortcodes
    • Shortcodes INCLUDED:
      • Columns
      • Columns in Columns
      • Responsive Hide and Display
      • Single Button Group
      • Separate Dropdown Menus
      • Basic Tabs
      • Basic Pills
      • Accordion Stacked Tabs
      • Accordion Stacked Pills
      • Horizontal Divider
      • Highlight
      • Badges
      • Alerts Progress Bar
      • Services
      • Box Content
      • Box Content with Header
      • Buttons
      • Images
      • Insert Icon
      • List Icons
      • Space
      • Testimonial
      • Blog Posts
      • Blog Slider
      • Portfolio
      • PreContent
  • Premium Pro Shortcodes (included)

    • Full Width & Parallax
    • Slider + Blog Slider
    • Animated Transitions
    • Image Gallery & Lightbox
    • Advanced Images
    • Weather (A Respondo Wunderground Plugin with Shortcodes and Widget)
    • Many SHORTCODES have color options to control the color style
    • Control Button Modifications in Theme Options
    • Easily Create Stunning Pages within Minutes using and combining these shortcodes and shortcode sets.
  • Supports Up To Fourth Level Dropdown Menus
  • Threaded Comments
  • Focused on better typography, usability and a perfected user-experience
  • Well Organized, Commented & Clean Code
  • Cross-Browser Compatibility FireFox, Safari, Chrome, IE8, IE9, IE10
  • Fully Tested and Compatible for WordPress 3.7+
  • Fully Tested and Compatible for Gravity Forms 1.7.2+
  • Excellent Customer Support
    • We offer PHENOMENAL support. We care about your site as much as you and will help in anyway possible
    • Once you purchase, you can use our dedicated support forum where we quickly answer your questions
    • Extremely detailed documentation
    • Narrated Video Tutorials
  • Multiple Widget Options
    • Easily Create Multiple Custom Sidebars
    • 2 Sidebar Width Options! 1/4 and 1/3
    • Sidebar Positioning (fixed or scrolling) Sitewide AND Per Page
    • Page Templates (right and left sidebar options)
    • 4 Style Options (boxed, side gradient, full solid box, plain text)
    • Full Color Control
    • Alignment Options
  • Standard Shortcode Sets

    • Four Column Icon Box Set
    • Three Column Service Set
    • Single Call Out Set
    • Skills and Services Set
    • Call to Action Set
    • Simple Pricing Set