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This WordPress Framework eliminates hundreds of (development) hours. Nearly everything is accounted for. Take your design ideas and create perfect pages in minutes, not days. Fast and under budget. + You can do it all with no need to write code!

Rewire the way you develop, test and execute each new web build. Quick, efficient & powerful.

Total Custom Design Control

WordPress Respondo

Install the Framework

Activate the parent theme, style the child theme. Take advantage of our updates (continually improving your site).

Respondo Pro

Modify the Child Theme

21 tabs of formatting options. Hundreds of variations allowing control over every visual aspect. Get inspired to create.

Respondo Gear

Create & Style Pages

Several page templates and 50 design shortcodes (with millions of variations). Dream it and design it, with no code knowledge.

Hundreds of Design Options

With these impressive shortcodes, you’ll create anything.


Adding columns is the basis of all page design. With the columns shortcode you’ll have the option to add a widest variety of column variations.

Column in Column

This shortcode variation allows you to expand your design capabilities almost infinitely. Using this shortcode functionality is almost inevitable.

Non – Cascading Columns

When the screen size adapts for mobile the columns naturally cascade. With this option the columns keep their intended ratio, no cascading.

Column Background

After adding a column you can easily add a background color or an image to it (and add any content you want over it). This gives you extreme design control.

Vertical Spacing

Getting the height and spacing of all your designs just right makes a huge difference with the user experience. Vertical spacing gives you total design control.

Responsive (Show or Hide)

If you don’t (or do) want something to display at a specific screen size, this option will automatically remove (or show) the content, anything you want.

Full Width & Parallax

Simply create a full width (color or image) background anywhere on a page. This shortcode even allows you to set a parallax scrolling option + much more.

Slider Pro

Easily add a slider to any page, in any column or any placement that fits your design needs. You can control the color, timing and messaging.

Blog Slider Pro

You have all the options you need to make a few selections and control how posts are displayed, in what order and from what category. Also manage the visual design.


With transitions you can easily make content appear upon the User’s scroll. Just add the content you want to appear within the shortcode. Several options.

Gallery Grid

The gallery displays images in a beautiful grid layout with options including color variations & pop up content. The User can click an image and flip threw the gallery.

Standard Images

Easily manage your images (and image sizes), where the image is placed (right, center or left), change alt text, if there’s a border + much more.

Horizontal Divider

A very simple addition to any page and a great way to divide content. This simple shortcode allows you to modify the color and style, fit within any column.


Add a button anywhere you want. This shortcode’s design is managed globally on the site (via theme options). Control a bunch of styling variations with ease.

Box Content

Add content (anything you want) in a box where you control the background color, border and several other options. A great way to display content on a page.

Box Content with Header

Similar to the standard box content with the addition of a stylized top portion for adding a header. Several options to choose from, making page creation easy.

Widget Area

Let’s say you create a 3 column layout. In each column you can add this shortcode and specify which widget area is displayed. Show dynamic content with ease.

Custom Text

Within this shortcode section you’re able to add text and the work done in the editor (all of the various selections) will be applied with no problem. Custom text options.

Responsive iFrame

Add a Responsive Iframe (ex: YouTube Videos, Google Maps, etc) anywhere on a page. Place your content within the shortcode after you insert this in the page editor.


An already pre-created design layout. Determine how many columns you want, add a few other options and your services section is done. Just add your content.

Single Testimonial

An easy method in adding an already designed layout for testimonials. Control the colors with ease and add this shortcode anywhere (just like the rest).

Progress Bar

With the progress bar you’re able to create an animated percentage option “bar” (and non animated, if wanted). Options too.


The alerts are added easily with a title, text and a color selection. Page visitors can close alerts too. Notifications made easy.

Single Button Group

The single button group makes it easy to add navigation style layouts to any section. Several color options available too.

Separate Dropdown Menus

Need a way to display a bunch of links? Add dividers, your specified size, type and position. Easy editor.

Basic Tabs

Create a tabbed section with a bunch of color options for personalization. Many layout variations available.

Basic Pills

Similar to the tabs, with a different style. Determine the layout and add your content and desired shortcode styling.

Accordion Stacked Tabs

A great way to display content in a stacked (hidden) format. Adjust the colors however you want to customize.

Accordion Stacked Pills

Similar to the tabs. A bunch of color options and as always, easy to add any content to customize the experience.


Options for the highlight include: label (text), style (default colors), optional CSS class and if it should wrap or not.


Options for the badges include: label (text), style (default colors), optional CSS class, if it should wrap or not.

Font Awesome Icons

Add Font Awesome icons via a simple shortcode. You have easy access to add icons and manage their colors.

List of Icons

Control the link, color, size and which icon you’re using. Add list icons or a stand alone icon with its own link.

Dynamic Blog Posts

Add dynamic content like blog posts with one easy shortcode. This content will dynamically update as you add new posts. Several options.

Blog Post News Format

Display posts in a news style layout. You’ll have the ability to: select the category and how many posts are displayed + more design options.

Portfolio Display

Add dynamic content like portfolio posts with one easy shortcode. This content will dynamically update as you add new portfolio posts.

“The best thing since WordPress. Easy to manage everything from header & footer layouts, colors, font options and total control of page creation. Simply amazing.” -Steve Dunbar, Axis

Any Layout & Design w/ Options & Shortcodes

Multi Purpose Examples

Easy, Responsive Design

Each shortcode variations (and there’s thousands) all cascade perfectly to fit any screen size.

What Every WordPress Agency Needs

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Full control and unlimited website variations with ease.